About this server

This City of Heroes private server was created for friends to play together in a fun atmosphere.

On COH.HackettWorld.Com - Paragon Server there are 20 registered accounts holding 39 characters.

Account Management

To create an account, enter a username and password then click "Create Your Account". If you have an account and want to change your password, enter your existing username and password, then enter your new password and click "Change Your Password".

(maximum 14 characters; only letters and numbers)

(8 to 16 characters)

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Client Download

To download the client and be able to log in, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the client files from here.or from google drive here.
  2. Unzip onto the root of your hard disk c: drive. Be sure you have a c:\cityofheroes folder when done.
  3. Drag the c:\cityofheroes\"cityofheroes-shortcut" to your desktop to start the game. Login with the account created above.


For support, please e-mail SillyGod.